The Monnoyeur Group: 100 years of service to shape the future

Corporate History

The Monnoyeur Group has 5,500 employees and is a leading retailer and wholesaler of machinery and services for industry and construction.

A Caterpillar dealer since 1929, the Monnoyeur Group has been serving its customers in France by selling, leasing and providing field service for all its products and services.

The 2000s: from selling Caterpillar engines to leasing construction equipment.

After establishing a reputation as the leading specialist in construction equipment sales, Bergerat Monnoyeur developed its activities in a new and promising field: short-term leasing of construction equipment.

  • 1997 : Bergerat Monnoyeur acquired the short-term equipment leasing group, Slevmi, known today as Bergerat Monnoyeur Location, and continued to pursue its expansion.
  • 2005 : Bergerat Monnoyeur became Caterpillar’s exclusive dealer in Belgium and in Luxembourg

The 1990s: birth of the Monnoyeur Group

A leader in sales of equipment for public works with a presence in several market segments, including materials handling and energy, Bergerat Monnoyeur diversified and reorganised its businesses.

1994 : The company changed its name to the Monnoyeur Group and split its “capital goods” business into:

  • Bergerat Monnoyeur Travaux Publics, known as Bergerat Monnoyeur CAT since 2001, as its customer base diversifies into sectors ranging from public works to agriculture, manufacturing and construction.
  • Bergerat Monnoyeur Energie, aujourd’hui Eneria, a distributor of Caterpillar engines and generator sets.
  • Bergerat Monnoyeur Manutention, aujourd’hui Aprolis, qui commercialise des chariots élévateurs de marque Caterpillar.
  • Bergerat Monnoyeur International, aujourd’hui Magellan, qui commercialise des biens d’équipements de marques mondiales en Algérie avec Bergerat Monnoyeur Algérie et en Roumanie avec Ipso.

1961-1989 : a period of strong growth

Against a buoyant economic backdrop, the company structured itself and deployed its expertise to enhance field service and meet the specific needs of its customers, multiplying regional facilities and opening its first specialised machine shops (marine engines, lift trucks and mobile cranes).

The 1980s economic crisis hit the public works sector hard but corporate service quality drove the company’s continued growth.

1981 : In 1981, Bergerat Monnoyeur became Caterpillar’s general dealer for Algeria.
The group branched out into the materials handling and energy sectors.

Throughout these years, Bergerat Monnoyeur successfully supported Caterpillar’s entry into new markets in Poland and Romania.

Since 1929 : a steadfast commitment to Caterpillar in order to serve its customers

At the time, Caterpillar equipment was in a league of its own in Europe. While offering their customers high-quality machinery and equipment perfectly tailored to their needs, Henry Bergerat and Francis Monnoyeur aimed to extend their services in the form of a major strategic asset: they launched a local post-sales service program to supply their customers with a full array of spare parts and accessories crucial for their businesses.

  • 1938 : The company opened its first regional subsidiary in Toulouse. In France, Bergerat Monnoyeur steadily gained a reputation for selling high-quality Caterpillar equipment for public works.
  • By the 1960s, the two partners had expanded their regional operations by opening subsidiaries in Bordeaux, Nancy, Lyon, Marseille and Lille.

1906-1929 : the seeds of a bright future

At the beginning of the century as France entered the industrial era, French companies imported their equipment from England, the only country at the cutting edge of the industrial revolution.

  • 1906 : In France, visionary entrepreneur Henry Bergerat founded Hy. Bergerat & Cie with his cousin, Francis Monnoyeur. The firm imported machines supplied by the world’s leading industrial corporations.
  • 1929 : Francis Monnoyeur signed a contract making the Hy. Bergerat Monnoyeur & Cie the sole agent for the Caterpillar Tractor Company in France.