Fixed and mobile Diesel power generators

Diesel generator sets - Building and public works
Building and public works
Diesel generator sets - Data Centres
Data Centres
Diesel generator sets - Transport
Diesel generator sets - Commercial Infrastructure
Commercial Infrastructure
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Diesel generator sets - Military

Eneria experts by your side

Eneria, Caterpillar’s exclusive dealer, provides, through a single contact person, all the means necessary to carry out production at your plant or backup power, through the simple supply of diesel power generators, or static or dynamic converters, or through the installation of a complete solution.

A complete offer: product, installation and service

Our project engineers study your need, whatever it may be, to find a complete solution, whether this involves providing a diesel power generator and associated products, or the installation of a turnkey facility.

  • Advice : evaluate your needs, study the financial constraints and feasibility, together with the specifications to install the product in accordance with the regulations in force, etc.
  • Commence production: design a complete programme and start the ball rolling, etc.
  • Maintenance : after-sales service, contractual guarantees, post follow up, etc.

Services to make your life easier

Intended for engineer-advisers, entrepreneurs, financial and user facilities. We make all the indispensable support available to you to help you achieve the ideal diesel power generator dynamics.

  • All technical documentation
  • Pre-register with the CCTP