Range of dynamic and static UPS systems

Uninterruptible Power Supply – Dynamic UPS

We offer the following range of dynamic and static UPS systems

Cat® dynamic UPS systems come in the form of a compact cabinet easily installed close to your sensitive equipment.

Ratings from 120 kVA to 1,000 kVA (7,000 kVA in parallel mode)

Flywheel energy storage

Operating principles

Cat® dynamic UPS systems can operate alone or integrated with a generator set. Integrating Cat® UPS systems with generator sets guarantees optimal sizing and synchronisation of both systems.

Caterpillar Critical Power Modules (CPM)

Developed as a containerised solution, Caterpillar’s Critical Power Module (CPM) is a high-efficiency module that can provide uninterruptible power supply of up to 1,500 kVA for critical consumers.

A Cat® generator set and battery-free UPS become a seamlessly integrated unit. The Caterpillar CPM is truly a Plug and Play design that meets growing demand for flexible, modular solutions.

Uninterruptible Power Supply – Static UPS

General Electric static UPS

Ratings from 0.35 kVA to 600 kVA.
Battery energy storage

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