UPS Service & Maintenance

A complete range of services

Ageing materials, recommendations from manufacturers and standards are all things to be borne in mind to ensure the reliability of your material over time.

Eneria guarantees the maintenance of power generators, all converters and all Caterpillar energy production facilities. We can also assume responsibility for other brands, whatever their power or component parts.

Based on your needs, we will guarantee the repair and complete an on-site review, or review in our renovation workshops, that observe the highest CAT standards.

Guarantee the reliability of your equipment in the long term

Preventative maintenance

Our maintenance visits take place yearly, whether or not they form part of a maintenance plan.

Diagnostics: look into and analyse the breakdown

Our oil analysis programmes enable you to interpret the health of your engine so as to extend the life expectancy of its component parts.

Our technicians are necessary tools working to establish diagnostic efficiency (infra-red thermographs, network analysis, etc.).

Curative maintenance

Our closeness network guarantees you rapid assistance across France for all types of work: mechanical, electric and automatic.

Centre Renovation

We will assume responsibility for the reconditioning of your power generators, whether on-site or in a workshop, as well as the return of these back into your centres (aero-refrigerants, silencers, sound traps, control or power cabinets, tanks, upgrading, etc.)


Our technicians will help you to start up your power generators.

Multi-level maintenance contracts

Whatever your facility, an Eneria maintenance contract will meet all your needs.

Contracts: the key to a successful partnership

  • Yearly or multi-annual visits
  • Complete long-term service
  • Monthly tests for Diesel backup generators
  • A commitment to availability and response time
  • Possible to extend the warranty of materials over a number of years, whether new or used

Many levels of maintenance

  • Technical Assistance (TA) visits: visual monitoring of the facilities and main functions.
  • Technical Assistance and Maintenance (TAM) visits: similar to TA monitor visits, complete with services such as draining, replacement filters, etc.
  • Complete Test Visit (CTV): similar to the TAM monitor visits, complete with monitoring, such as generator security monitoring.
  • Three-year visit
  • Monthly tests for backup power generators
  • Yearly or quarterly visits for converters

An organisation geared towards its clients

The right contact at the right time

Client satisfaction is at the heart of our converter and power generator service strategy. A daily partner in your activities, our After-Sales Operational Support Service is available to you to meet all your needs. Our teams are available to you to provide you with daily service to resolve all your problems.

Free phone hotline - converter and power generator Services

Close commercial and operational backup

Contact persons, regional managers, project manager service, officers in charge will provide you with personal, daily advice, tailored to your activities, and providing solutions that will best resolve your issues.

Our technicians have the best response times, especially in France, and can aid you overseas with all your maintenance operations.

After-Sales Operational Support Service

  • Plan response tasks, organise logistics (order pieces, delivery, technical assistance) and coordinate the correct running of the works.
  • Respond to quote requests

After-Sales management contracts

  • Manage maintenance contracts: enter contracts, renew them, etc.

After-Sales administration

  • Process supplier’s invoices
  • Guarantee follow ups with clients