COVID 19 : Business Continuity Plan

A new containment has just been declared by the French President and the government with two imperatives:

  • Block the spread of the epidemic through confinement, physical distance, respect for health rules, limitation of professional and family gatherings and telework that becomes the rule.
  • In addition, we must maintain economic activity by keeping construction sites open, ensuring the continuity of production and keeping in business companies not hit by administrative closures.

We are re-activating our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) by adapting it to new government guidelines.

We encourage telework as much as possible, as it was possible during the first containment, and you can reach your contacts on their mobile phones.

To request or plan a maintenance operation, do not hesitate to contact us via our service call numbers.

All our on-field people, sales and service technicians remain available to serve you, continue the construction work and maintain your equipment.

We bring our know-how in many areas where energy continuity is strategic: health care (hospitals, retirement institutions, clinics), data centers, shopping malls, industry, heat networks, logistics, construction,…

We have organized ourselves to remain operational and committed to you to serve you in this critical period and this in respect of the safety barriers.

You can count on the commitment of all Eneria employees.

Let’s protect ourselves.