C8.7 – 650HP – Caterpillar offers a new marine engine to the world of yachting

New Caterpillar Marine Engine C8.7 – 650HP

  • Power-to-weight ratio

This new  marine engine C8.7 has interesting features with a power output of 650 HP for only 1014 kg. Moreover, its small footprint allows it to adapt to the constraints of your boat while gaining in power.

  • Just a 8700cc engine

The C8.7 marine engine develops 650HP for just 8700cc. It’s better than C9 engine which develops 575HP and better than many competitors.

  • Common rail technology

This new engine is equipped with the common rail technology which allows it to improve fuel efficiency and to reduce C02 emissions.

  • First units already delivered in our workshops

This engine is now available for order and the first units have already been delivered in our workshops in Montlhery.

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