CG260-16 CATERPILLAR offers a new gas generator

Caterpillar offers increasing the electrical Power Output of its range generator gas while passing 4.3 kWe to 4.5 kWe with its new model CG260-16.

Benefit for the customer

Increasing the electrical Power Output and electrical Efficiency, while at the same time:

  • Maintaining the high Level of Quality of the current CG260 Series
  • Optimal Serviceability
  • Maintenance Costs stay on the same low level as for the previous Genset (Major Overhaul at 80,000 Oh for High Gas Quality)
  • Same €/kW price

This has a positive effect on Life Cycle Costs, e.g.

  • Less specific Fuel Consumption
  • Lower Service Costs per kW
  • Maintaining the high level of quality of the current CG 260 series
  • Optimal serviceability

Main features of the new CG260

  • 4.500 kW electrical Power
  • 44,6% electrical Efficiency
  • 42,2% thermal Efficiency
  • Based on well-proven and reliable
  • Architecture, updated with latest Technologies

Increase of electrical efficiency based on

  • Modified combustion chamber (Piston, Spark Plug and Cylinder head)
  • Optimized Gas Mixer and Exhaust Waste Gate System
  • Improved Crank Case Ventilation System
  • New cam shaft with adjusted timing, knock limit and emission levels

CG260 Main improvements

Cat CG260 - Gas genset - 4500MWe