Energy production: Energy recovery Biogas

Eneria specialist in the design of power plant and cogeneration plant was selected by SMA Environment as a partner in the deployment of a heat cogeneration plant at La Fare-les-Oliviers (Bouches du Rhône).

Objective: To develop the 160,000 tons of household waste from non-hazardous waste storage center “La Vautubière.”
The realization of a heat cogeneration plant to treat leachate from waste disposal is a first in France.

Today the cogeneration plant produces 1MWelec thanks to the installation of a biogas generator Caterpillar 1 MWe of power and related equipment (cleaning silos biogas, air cooler, electric generator …)

In the short term a second generator Biogas Caterpillar same power should be installed.
Read the complete technical file of our partner SMA Environnement.