Eneria participates in UMM LULU oil & gaz project

umm lulu

The UMM LULU FULL FIELD DEVELOPMENT PROJECT is an offshore production project located approximatively 40 km off Abu Dhabi city.

Eneria is supplying 3 Emergency Diesel Generator packages.

Each genset is enclosed in a stand alone sound attenuated enclosure, ATEX zone 2 IIB / T3, certified ATEX as a unit by the Notified Body LCIE. The Diesel Generator packages are composed of a C175-20 engine coupled with an IP43 alternator , each EMDG delivering 2 400 ekW.

Each genset is supplied with :

  • a redundant electric starting system
  • a cooling system
  • a F&G detection system and C02 fire extinguishing
  • a Unit Control panel