UZ Bruxelles – Cogeneration applied to the hospital sector

UZ Brussels equipped with a cogeneration installation!

UZ Brussels is a university hospital. Not only healthcare matters, it also has a teaching mission and conducts scientific research. The hospital is closely associated with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The values of UZ Brussels reflect one single objective: to provide patients with the best possible care. We are proud to announce that ENERIA contributes to this objective by providing basic necessities as heat and electricity.

These two important basic needs are produced by two caterpillar gas generators CG170-12. These gas generators are highly efficient, they deliver up to 43,7 percent electrical efficiency and more recoverable heat while reducing carbon emissions. On top of this UZ Brussels profit from lower operating costs. The optimized lubrication system ensures that the CG170-12 consumes up to 1.900 liters less lubricating oil each year than competing gas generators.

UZ Bruxelles - Cogénération

The electricity, produced by the cogeneration installation, will be entirely consumed by the hospital. For reason that the demand for electricity of the hospital is higher than the production of the two caterpillar generators. Besides that the produced heat is used in different channels, high and low water temperature circuits and hot air circuits. The cogen installation operates in function of the demand of high water temperature.

An interesting feature of this installation is that it can be used as emergency back-up power generator installation in case power grid failure.

As official CAT dealer, ENERIA Belgium has sold, engineered and installed this complex installation in 2015. The installation has been carried out in a minimum of time by our CAT-certified ENERIA technicians. The installation is up and running from November 2015. ENERIA will service these generators in the future with an up time of 7.000 hours per year.