Energy solutions for electric power plants

Electric power plants, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plants, microgrids... Energy solutions for main or backup electricity supplies.

Electric power plants play a major role in a country’s economy. They are intended to supply electricity for all activities, enterprises and consumers. Nuclear, thermal, hydraulic, solar or wind power plants must all be capable of functioning 24/7 and guaranteeing a stable electricity supply.

Power cuts in this sector have serious impacts on the population and the enterprises that depend on it. In addition, serious safety issues must be taken into consideration regarding power supplies of sensitive infrastructures, such as nuclear power plants.

It is vitally important to install well-adapted backup energy production solutions, in order to prevent any incidents and guarantee the uninterrupted supply of electricity. They can cope with interruptions in production caused by bad weather, faulty equipment or natural disasters. In the event of a total loss of current, the electricity supply for the equipment and security systems in electric power plants can be maintained, so that activity can be resumed as quickly as possible and under the best possible conditions.

While some electric power plants operate in parallel with the local electricity distribution grid, others function independently. These electric power plants can supply electricity to isolated sites that have unreliable or no connections with the electricity grid. They deliver a reliable and continuous main electricity supply that meets the needs of certain sectors of activity.

These standalone and decentralised electric power plants are also useful for renewable energy networks. Faced with the rise in energy demand and the need to cut emissions, the energy mix is shifting towards “clean” energies, without compromising the stability of energy supplies. These power plants can compensate for the variations in the production of solar, hydraulic or wind electricity. Consequently, microgrids are emerging as an alternative solution to centralised electricity grids. They are capable of producing energy locally by combining diesel gensets and renewable energy generators, such as solar panels, wind turbines and hydraulic power plants. These microgrids can also store energy in batteries, which is then distributed through the local grid.

Thanks to our expertise in energy engineering and backup electricity solutions for electric power plants, we can offer a broad range of main or backup power supply solutions that meet your needs.

Our products for electric, thermal, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants and microgrids:

Backup gensets for electric power plants

You need robust and reliable gensets that are sufficiently powerful to meet the high demands of a power plant, in order to guarantee the 24/7 operation of your electric power plant.

Our diesel gensets can operate in backup mode in order to cope with interruptions of supply, as well as in continuous mode.

Our soundproofed gensets provide a last resort to start up the emergency systems for your most sensitive activities.

Our experts offer the best equipment in our broad range of diesel and biodiesel gensets that are best adapted to electric power plants.

UPS backup power supplies for power plants

Your electricity power plant meets the energy needs of numerous infrastructures and many people. Consequently, the slightest micro-power cut will have an impact on the activities that depend on you.

Our dedicated UPS for electric power plants guarantee the continuity and the quality of the electric current, without even the shortest interruption, as soon as a deterioration or a break of the current is detected.

In combination with our backup gensets, our uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) can perfectly cover the time required to start up the gensets, which is about 15 seconds. An Eneria expert can act as your single point of contact for the successful integration of these two systems.

UPS backup power supplies for transport and logistics

Our storage batteries guarantee a reliable energy source that is well adapted to your power plant. When they are integrated with our uninterruptible power supplies, our ranges of lithium or lead batteries can be used to start your engines or to maintain the continuity of the electric current. Electric storage batteries also help to create an optimal energy mix, when used in combination with our other energy sources.

Find out more about our solutions based on renewable energies

Do you want to harness the potential of renewable energies to fully or partially power your electric power plant? We have the solutions:


We offer biodiesel-fuelled gensets that can effectively help you to reduce your environmental impact.

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