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Services and maintenance
of multi-vendor diesel gensets

A complete range of services

A diesel genset is always a critical part of an industrial, medical or military process, and of other processes too. You must be sure that your diesel genset will start and produce the expected charge.

You can benefit from Eneria’s long experience in this field, whether you have a single Caterpillar genset, or hundreds of gensets, all of different makes, and spread all over the country. You can benefit from the centralised management of a nationwide fleet, consolidated by a single point of contact.

With its latest-generation digital tools, parts logistics, technical support, control tower that monitors connected gensets and centralised operations organisation, Eneria is a major service provider on this market.

Eneria guarantees the reliability of your equipment in the long term

Preventive, conditional preventive or predictive maintenance

Take your choice! You can choose between our recommendations for standard servicing, adapted to your activity, or opt for a made-to-measure maintenance plan, prepared with our specialists.

Thorough preventive maintenance is essential in order to protect your material and intangible assets. It detects the slightest alert of a failure or costly breakages in advance.

It is also an opportunity to consider technical and environmental improvements.

If the power plant is connected to our control tower, preventive maintenance becomes conditional, or even predictive, by monitoring the data that is fed into our processing systems.

Our local network can guarantee quick interventions throughout France for all types of operations (mechanical, electrical, automatic control systems).

Our oil analysis programmes enable you to interpret the state of health of your engine and to optimise the lifespan of its components.

Our technicians use high-performance tools to conduct efficient diagnostics (infrared thermography, network analysers, etc.).

We can recondition your gensets, either on site or in our workshop, and we can also service your power plants (air coolers, silencers, acoustic traps, control or power cabinets, tanks, compliance, etc.).

Our technicians can help you with the commissioning of your gensets.

Having problems with your power plant? We can conduct a diagnostic and implement a corrective solution, with your agreement.

The advantages

Multi-level maintenance contracts

The Eneria maintenance contracts meet all your needs, irrespective of your installation.

The contract:
the key to a successful partnership

Several service levels: our standard inspections

Special options:

A diagnostic pack adapted to your needs

Does your diesel genset need a technical check-up? Do you need to consult an expert before a more advanced intervention? Do you want to assess the condition of your diesel genset after it has been idle for a long time, and irrespective of its make?

We can offer a simple solution – a diagnostic pack, that includes:

  • the travel of an Eneria specialised technician, anywhere in mainland France and Corsica,
  • a precise diagnostic that lasts one working day,
  • an intervention by the technician, without the supply of any parts,
  • a detailed report.

This diagnostic pack is a prerequisite of any technical interventions on all diesel gensets, irrespective of their make and power.

The advantages of the diagnostic pack:

  • A professional service delivered by specialised technicians
  • A simple solution to control and manage interventions on your fleet of multi-vendor diesel gensets.
  • Control of your operations budget, thanks to the fixed rate
  • Quick and easy intervention – Further to a call to the freephone number 801-821-010 or the reception of an online form, a dedicated team from the Service Operations Support Centre (PSOS) immediately takes charge of the request.
  • This helps to extend the lifespan of your diesel genset and to minimise your operating costs.
  • Thanks to your Eneria maintenance contract, you are entitled to a diagnostic pack at the preferential rate of €349, excluding VAT, instead of €399, excluding VAT, without a contract.

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