Hydrogen: the partnership between Eneria and EODev

Monnoyeur and Eneria have teamed up with Energy Observer Developments, an investor-shareholder and an industrial, commercial and service partner. The GEH2® hydrogen genset is a standalone zero-carbon, hydrogen-fuelled energy solution that is quiet, produces no odours and can be started up instantaneously.

Eneria’s know-how working for hydrogen

Following an initial industrial partnership agreement and the presentation of the first GEH2 hydrogen genset in September 2020 on Eneria’s manufacturing site in Montlhéry, another agreement was signed, under which Eneria can distribute EODev’s GEH2 hydrogen gensets in mainland France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania and Algeria. The industrial partnership between EODev and Eneria will speed up the industrial production, deployment and management of the after-sales service of the GEH2® hydrogen genset.

For Eneria, this development is in keeping with an even higher ambition that consists of providing concrete solutions to the energy-related and environmental challenges that have been raised by the French government as part of its green recovery plan.

Hydrogen gensets made in France by Eneria

Thanks to its experience and its know-how, all the GEH2® hydrogen gensets are assembled on Eneria’s manufacturing site in Montlhéry, France, in a dedicated workshop that was inaugurated in the spring of 2022.