Photovoltaic canopy simulator

Did you know ? The photovoltaic canopy simulator estimates the cost of installing your solar panels in 30 seconds.

Thanks to our photovoltaic canopies  simulator you have control over your energy budget. The installation of solar canopies panels, helps you to produce green and free electricity. 

Solar panels simulator, how does it work ?

Simulate your project in 30 seconds!

After geolocating your future photovoltaic canopies, fill in the available space or the number of parking spaces you have.

View your results immediately!

Electricity production and revenue, tones of CO2 saved per year. You have everything in hand !

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Once the contact form is filled in, a sales engineer will contact you to discuss about your photovoltaic canopies installation project.

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The advantages of our photovoltaic simulator for canopies

The photovoltaic canopy simulator enables you to quickly calculate four key criteria in just a few clicks:

Solar electricity production

This simulation for solar panels geolocalises you first, then calculates the production of solar energy in your region. An additional study may be necessary to fine-tune this result, depending on any areas of shade or the particular orientation of the photovoltaic panels.

Tonnes of CO2 saved

This solar simulator enables you to contribute to the energy transition by producing renewable energy.

Annual income from electricity

Our photovoltaic canopy simulator is also configured for the sale of all your electricity to the grid. This calculation applies the contractual electricity sale price (exclusive solar sales agreement*) for a 20-year period.

*Exclusive solar sales agreement: an exclusive solar sales agreement with EDF that entitles you to State aid for photovoltaic panels

Overall long-term support

Our technical and maintenance experts support you daily in the installation of your solar canopies.

ENERIA, the trusted partner for your project

Eneria is your single point of contact for the installation of photovoltaic canopies on your car parks.

We have a dedicated team to support you on your project of installation of photovoltaic canopies.

We support you from the development of your turnkey project, through the design, implementation, start-up of your photovoltaic canopies, to the maintenance of your solar panels.

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