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Gas Biogas: maintenance contracts for your gensets with a guaranteed results

Natural gas is a fossil fuel composed primarily of methane. It is generally extracted from underground deposits and used to produce electricity, heating and fuels.

Biogas is a mixture of gases produced by the decomposition of organic matter, such as agricultural waste and household waste. Biogas can be used to produce electricity, heat and can also be purified to produce biomethane, which can be used as fuel for vehicles, engines and generators.

For your cogeneration plants, Eneria offers maintenance and intervention contracts lasting 12 years for the Gas generator and 15 years for the biogas generator. These maintenance and intervention contracts will allow you to operate your cogeneration plants safely.

They contain availability and performance guarantees:

  • Guaranteed preventive, curative and corrective maintenance costs,
  • Production guarantee (electricity and heat),
  • Guaranteed fuel consumption of the engines,
  • Equipment warranty – extended service coverage.

Services and Maintenance: guarantee the reliability of your gas and biogas gensets in the long term

In its maintenance contracts for gensets, Eneria offers several services to guarantee the performance of your gas and biogas gensets throughout their working lives:

Preventive maintenance of your gas and biogas generators

For the maintenance of your cogeneration plant, we organize several annual visits that may or may not be associated with a maintenance plan.

Diagnostic, trouble-shooting and fault analysis on your gas or biogas generator

Our engine oil analysis programs for gas and biogas generators enable us to interpret the state of health of your engine and to optimise the lifespan of its components. Our technicians use high-performance tools to conduct efficient diagnostics (infrared thermography, network analysers, etc.).

Curative maintenance of your gas and biogas generator

Our local network can guarantee quick interventions throughout France for all types of operations (mechanical, electrical, automatic control systems). Our 200 technicians dedicated to services and maintenance are available 24/7.

Renovating your cogeneration plant

We service your power cogeneration plants (air coolers, silencers, acoustic traps, control or power cabinets, tanks, compliance, etc.) and recondition your gas or biogas gensets, on site or in our engine renovation workshop.

Commissioning your cogeneration plant

Our technicians can help you with the commissioning of your cogeneration power plants or gensets.

The advantages of a maintenance contract for your gas and biogas gensets

Eneria can maintain your methanation unit

Do you operate a methanation unit?  

Eneria can help you to optimise the energy production and the availability of your installation, thanks to its Service and Maintenance teams, and by proposing maintenance contracts for your gas and biogas gensets that meet your needs.

Eneria vous propose une gamme d’onduleurs pour groupe électrogène allant d’une puissance unitaire de  330 kVA-300 kW à 1333 kVA-1200 kW (2666 kVA en mode parallèle) avec la gamme CS+300 et  625 kVA-625 kW unitaire ( 4375 kVA en mode parallèle) avec la gamme CSHD. Le stockage d’énergie est réalisé par volant d’inertie (plus de batteries ni de climatisation).

Maintenance of a gas and biogas generator

  • Preventive maintenance


Preventive maintenance is a maintenance method that aims to avoid failures and malfunctions by performing regular inspections and scheduled maintenance of your cogeneration plant. This helps to detect potential problems before they cause damage or production shutdowns on your gas or biogas generator.

At Eneria, our maintenance and intervention team can carry out various actions such as cleaning, oiling, calibration and verification of compliance with the specifications of the equipment of your cogeneration plant. This preventive maintenance may also include visual inspections and tests to detect signs of damage or premature wear to your gas or biogas generator.

By performing preventive maintenance on your gas or biogas generator, the maintenance costs of your cogeneration plant are reduced, productivity is increased, and the life of the equipment is extended. This also optimizes the safety of your gas or biogas generator.

  • Corrective maintenance


Corrective maintenance is similar to curative maintenance, it is a maintenance method that aims to repair your gas and biogas generator and its equipment when they are not working properly or when they are down. However, corrective maintenance focuses specifically on solving the problems that have been identified and correcting the root cause of your cogeneration plant failure.

Corrective maintenance can include: repairing, replacing parts, troubleshooting and refurbishing your cogeneration plant. It will also include an analysis to identify root causes and solutions to prevent this from happening again.

As with curative maintenance, it is important to combine corrective maintenance with preventive maintenance to minimize the risk of failure and maximize the availability of your gas and biogas generator equipment.

  • Curative maintenance


Curative maintenance is a method of maintenance that aims to repair your gas and biogas generator and its equipment when they are not working properly or when they are down. This generally includes: repair, parts replacement, troubleshooting and refurbishment.

The curative maintenance of your cogeneration plant is usually used after detection of a problem, either by an alert or a breakdown on your gas or biogas generator.

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