Diesel gensets

Diesel gensets: energy production and security

As an expert in energy security, Eneria guarantees a reliable, uninterrupted and quality electricity supply. We deploy all the means required to provide your main or backup electricity power plant, from the simple supply of gensets and static or dynamic UPS, to the development of turnkey installations: 


Needs assessment, analysis of constraints and feasibility, funding, support with the formalities required to install products in accordance with the applicable regulations, etc.


Design of complete programmes, implementation, etc.


After-sales service, contractual guarantees, continued monitoring, etc.

Our range of diesel gensets from10 to 4,000 kVA

With a potential power of between 10 and 4,000 kVA, our range of backup gensets is designed to international standards for high efficiency, low fuel consumption and overall compliance with anti-pollution standards.

The gensets are available with a broad selection of options, so they can be adapted to your energy needs, thereby making both the choice and installation simple. Consequently, it is very easy to choose and install a diesel genset corresponding to your application. Discover the power designed to meet your needs.

Our gensets can be used as main, backup or continuous power sources. They are reliable, clean and economical, even under the most demanding conditions.

The Caterpillar gensets all come with the full assistance and expertise in maintenance of our teams. It starts with a quick delivery, and continues throughout the life cycle of your backup genset.

Filter by power

DE33GC / 33 kVA

DE50E0 / 50 kVA

DE50GC / 50 kVA

DE65E0 / 65 kVA

DE65GC / 65 kVA

DE88E0 / 88 kVA

DE88GC / 88 kVA

DE110GC / 110 kVA

DE150E0 / 150 kVA

DE150GC / 150 kVA

DE165E0 / 165 kVA

DE165GC / 165 kVA

DE200E0 / 200 kVA

DE200GC / 200 kVA

DE220GC / 220 kVA

DE220E0 / 220 kVA

DE250E0 / 250 kVA

DE275E0 / 275 kVA

DE300E0 / 300 kVA

DE330E0 / 330 kVA

DE400E0 / 400 kVA

DE400GC / 400 kVA

DE450E0 / 450 kVA

DE450GC / 450 kVA

DE500E0 / 500 kVA

DE500GC / 500 kVA

DE550E0 / 550 kVA

DE550GC / 550 kVA

DE605E0 / 605 kVA

DE605GC / 605 kVA

DE660E0 / 660 kVA

DE660GC / 660 kVA

DE715E0 / 715 kVA

DE715GC / 715 kVA

DE780E0 / 780 kVA

DE850E0 / 850 kVA

DE1100GC / 1100 kVA

C32-1100 / 1100 kVA

C32-1250 / 1250 kVA

DE1250GC / 1250 kVA

DE1400GC / 1400 kVA

C32-1400 / 1400 kVA

DE1500GC / 1500 kVA

C32-1500 / 1500 kVA

3512B / 1600 kVA

3512B / 1625 kVA

3512B / 1750 kVA

3512B / 1875 kVA

3516B / 2250 kVA

3516B / 2500 kVA

3516C / 2750 kVA

C175 / 3100 kVA

3516E / 3250 kVA

3516E / 3500 kVA

C175-20 / 4000 kVA

Diesel gensets: e-services to make your life easier

We provide all the essential input required by engineers, business people and end users to help you to size your ideal diesel genset.

Our diesel genset installations

Eneria has installed a backup genset for a player in the agri-foodstuffs sector
Eneria has installed three Caterpillar gensets with a power of 900 kVA in the Pierre Mauroy football stadium in Lille, France
Eneria has installed a diesel genset for a customer in military aviation
Eneria has installed a diesel genset for a military air base
Eneria is taking part in the work to secure and modernise the electrical systems in Chateauroux le Blanc hospital
Lille hospital has been using an Eneria energy solution for 20 years
Eneria has installed and maintains a genset for a French laboratory
Eneria has replaced the genset at Pau airport