Caterpillar marine engines

A global propulsion solution

Eneria can propose a complete solution for your projects in numerous marine applications, thanks to is renowned experience and a complete range of Caterpillar marine engines, Caterpillar gensets and onboard auxiliaries.

Eneria proposes a wide range of Caterpillar engines, from 10 kW to 5,700 kW, for all your applications.

Eneria works with several shipyards and is involved from the choice of engine, to the integration, commissioning and maintenance of the engines.

We help various players to choose and develop solutions that are well adapted to their technical requirements.

Scopes of application of marine engines

Caterpillar’s marine engines are used in applications in the following sectors.


Fishing is a demanding activity, in which fishermen work under difficult conditions and the engines are put to the test. Eneria can supply an integrated solution, ranging from 10 kW to 5,500 kW, for propulsion or operational purposes, thanks to the Caterpillar marine engines.

Examples of enginesC12 | C18 | C32


Offshore support vessels operate in difficult conditions and demand maximum availability, due to the requirements of the sector. Thanks to the robust Caterpillar engines and our maintenance teams, we can supply a complete solution that optimises uptime and makes savings.

Examples of enginesC32 | 3512C | 3516C

Passenger boats

Passenger boats require maximum availability in order to arrive on time.

We know all about the risks that a failure represents for you, and we do everything we can to offer the reliability you need.

Examples of enginesC12 | C18


Eneria can supply the engine you need for your towing operations. Our high-speed engines are perfectly suited to your varying needs in terms of power, acceleration, traction and manoeuvrability. Thanks to our low-consumption solutions with longer maintenance intervals, your tugs will be available more often, so that you can optimise your operations.

Examples of enginesC32 | 3512C | 3516C


Thanks to its long-term experience with shipyards, Eneria has been able to propose solutions that are well-suited to State-operated boats for many years (customs, military, coastguards). Eneria develops and supplies well adapted propulsion and onboard power supply solutions that meet the technical and regulatory demands of this market. Our offer ranges from 10 kW to 5,500 kW.

Examples of enginesC12 | 3512C | 3516C

Pleasure boats

Eneria can offer support for the propulsion and power supply of your pleasure boat along the French coast and beyond. Whether you are sailing in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic or on the other side of the world, our teams are on hand to meet your needs to maintain your boat or replace the engine. You can really enjoy sailing, thanks to Eneria’s quality of service.

Examples of enginesC8.7 | C12.9 | C18

Inland waterways

For cruising or transporting goods on inland waterways, Eneria can offer a wide range of engines and services to maintain your Caterpillar engines. The Caterpillar engines meet your demands and the specific needs of your applications, both for engines and your onboard gensets.

Examples of enginesC12 | C18 | C32

Marine engines adapted to the marine standards and certifications

Eneria has also developed its own solutions to meet the new standards by obtaining the marine certifications (IMO, TIER) or by proposing hybrid propulsion.

Marine engines the world over are subject to numerous emissions standards. These emissions standards depend on the type of boat, the application and, most importantly, the location.

Emissions from marine engines are mainly regulated by the following standards:

  • The IMO standards (International Maritime Organization), which govern emissions on an international scale and define the so-called specific ECAs (Emission Control Areas). This standard defines the IMO I, IMO II and IMO III emission levels.
  • The EPA standards were drawn up by the United States and Canada to define the emissions levels for commercial and leisure applications. These emissions levels are called EPA Tier 2, EPA Tier 3 and EPA Tier 4.
  • The EU standards are European standards that define the levels Stage I, Stage II, Stage III, Stage IV and Stage V.

The Caterpillar marine engines meet these international emissions standards and our teams can advise you according to your application and navigation activity.

The range of marine engines for commercial applications

Eneria supplies a broad range of Caterpillar engines to meet your propulsion needs for all types of commercial applications.

Thanks to its engineering and sales teams, Eneria can meet your needs, from 250 kW to 5,500 kW, from the design phase with the architects and shipyards, to the commissioning of the boat and the Caterpillar marine engines.

Thanks to the combination of the Caterpillar marine engines and the Transfluid parallel hybrid systems, you can reduce the emissions and the consumption of your vessel.

This hybrid solution is well adapted to many marine engines and supplies 8 kW to 300 kW of additional electric power. You can switch between the different navigation modes: all-electric, diesel and the booster mode for additional power.

Marine engines from 280 bKW to 820 bKW

C9.3 ACERT / 280 – 355 bKW

C12 / 254 – 366 bkW

3406C / 272 – 298 bkW

C18 / 339 – 747 bkW

C18 IMO III/ 301 – 847 bkW

C32 ACERT / 492 – 1081 bkW

C32 ACERT / 559 – 1342 bkW

3508C / 578 – 820 bkW

Marine engines from 955 bKW to 3,800 bKW

3512C / 955 – 1902 bkW

3512C / 1000 – 1765 bkW

3516C / 1230 – 2525 bkW

3516C / 1590 – 1995 bkW

C280-6 / 1730 – 2030 bkW

C175-16 / 2001 – 2550 bkW

C280-8 / 2300 – 2530 bkW

C280-12 / 3460 – 3800 bkW

The range of marine engines for pleasure boats

In the world of pleasure boating, we offer a range of high-performance Caterpillar engines for your yacht or mega-yacht. We offer a wide range, from 400 mHP to 2,400 mHP, that is ideally suited to both pleasure boats and mega-yachts.

The high-performance Caterpillar engines feature technological innovations, such as the ACERT technology. These engines meet the latest environmental standards and offer a pleasurable sailing experience.

You can now use the Caterpillar control systems for improved control of your boat and for easier manoeuvrability, when used together with bow thrusters.

Our Caterpillar marine engines for pleasure boating can be integrated perfectly into your boat, both in new projects and engine replacements.

Marine engines from 400 mHP to 2,366 mHP

C7.1 / 400 – 500 mHP

C8.7 / 650 mHP

C12 / 669 – 715 mHP

C12.9 / 850 – 1000 mHP

C18 / 1015 – 1150 mHP

3512C HD / 1340 – 2366 mHP

C32 / 1825 – 1925 mHP