Ground-mounted photovoltaic panels

Upgrade all types of site with a ground-mounted photovoltaic plant

Operate all types of land while actively participating in the energy transition with ground mounted photovoltaic panels. Eneria, a specialist for more than 30 years in energy solutions, can help you to make your energy transition and offers turnkey installation of ground- mounted photovoltaic panels.

Ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants help to limit greenhouse gas emissions and produce green electricity from the sun’s rays.  

Install a ground-mounted solar power plant with Eneria

Eneria is your single point of contact for the implementation of ground-mounted photovoltaic solutions. A dedicated team of specialists supports you from the development, through the design, the implementation of ground- mounted photovoltaic panels, the start-up to the maintenance of your ground-mounted solar power plant.

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Optimise the profitability of your land

Create value from your land with our photovoltaic panels.

Additional income

You sell the electricity that you produce.

Turnkey design

We support you at every stage of your project.


You also demonstrate your commitment to the energy transition.

Long-term serenity

Our service engineers ensure the monitoring and guarantee of performance on a long-term basis.

Eneria’s photovoltaic activity is ISO 14001-certified

Our solar activity has been ISO 14001-certified since 2 November 2021. This certification recognises our commitment to environmental protection and confirms the effectiveness of the measures we have taken to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities.

Exclusive solar sale agreements: the photovoltaic electricity you produce is a source of income

All the electricity produced by your ground-mounted power plant is sold to EDF under the terms of an advantageous 20-year exclusive sale agreement, or can be self-consumed, if the plant operates 24/7.

Photovoltaic panels
for ground-mounted power plants

The photovoltaic panels for your ground-mounted power plant must be installed on free surface areas measuring more than 1,000 m². They are ideal for industrial manufacturers or farmers who want to generate additional income from suitable unused land. The photovoltaic panels are installed on the ground on solar tables mounted on stakes or posts, depending on the terrain.

Ground-mounted photovoltaic panels have a life expectancy of at least 30 years.  When the solar panels reach end of life, the solar field can be dismantled or renewed with new panels.

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