Hydrogen genset

Use hydrogen to speed up your energy transition

The GEH2® hydrogen genset, designed by our partner EODev and built in the Eneria workshops in Montlhéry near Paris, meets the need to produce decarbonised electricity continuously or as a backup solution. The low noise emissions and absence of any polluting emissions make our GEH2® EODev hydrogen solution your perfect ally in the energy transition.

Zero-emissions target with hydrogen

The GEH2® EODev hydrogen genset is a solution for the local production of clean energy, with a power of 100 kVa:

  • Zero emissions of CO2, NOx or fine particle pollutants in the vicinity of the genset;
  • Low noise levels. Ideal for urban applications, film sets, events, building sites, etc.
  • Zero odours. The thermal energy produced by the air-cooled fuel cell can be recovered directly for heating purposes (cogeneration).
  • Zero seconds. The genset starts up immediately.

Eneria assembles all the GEH2® EODev hydrogen gensets on its manufacturing site in Montlhéry, tests them on its test bench and is also tasked with distribution, sales, commissioning, the warranty and maintenance. Eneria’s GEH2® hydrogen gensets are also available for hire.

The GEH2® EODev hydrogen genset is not equipped with any hydrogen storage. The hydrogen is always stored separately from the genset and is the responsibility of the customer. Eneria helps its customers to define storage and supply solutions with its partners, in keeping with the applicable regulations.

24/7 maintenance for your GEH2® EODev hydrogen genset

Eneria offers maintenance services adapted to the required use case, in order to perform the preventive and curative maintenance of the GEH2® EODev hydrogen genset. With a logistics network comprising 14 regional workshops and 200 technicians located all over France and close to its customers, Eneria can intervene 24/7 to keep your equipment in perfect working order.