Photovoltaic canopies

Use our photovoltaic canopies to create value on your parking spaces.
Install solar panels on your car park to produce green energy.

Do you want to accelerate your energy transition ? Eneria supports you with the turnkey installation of solar canopies for parking.

Install solar canopies on your car parks with Eneria

Eneria is your single point of contact for the installation of photovoltaic canopies on your car parks. A dedicated team of specialists support you from the development of your solar canopies installation project through the design, implementation, start-up to the maintenance of your photovoltaic canopies.

Are you planning to install photovoltaic canopies? Do you want to know just how profitable photovoltaic investments are? How much electricity will be produced by the surface area of your car park?

Find out more about the benefits of photovoltaic canopies

Create value with your solar car parks

You will produce renewable energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Added comfort for your visitors

The cars of your employees and your visitors are protected.


You also demonstrate your commitment to the energy transition.

Turnkey design

We support you at every stage of your project.

Additional income

Sell the electricity you produce by injecting green energy into the grid.

Exclusive solar sale agreements: the photovoltaic electricity you produce is a source of income

All the electricity produced by your photovoltaic canopies is sold to EDF. To this end, you will sign a 20-year exclusive sales agreement with EDF.

The price of solar electricity is set by the French government order of 10 May 2017.

Solar panels for car parks: an alternative source of green energy

Photovoltaic canopies for car parks are designed to protect cars against the sun. Photovoltaic panels are mounted on top of the car park canopies, which protect vehicles against the sun, rain and foul weather, while producing green and free solar energy at the same time.

Photovoltaic canopies for car parks are an alternative source of green energy, when solar panels cannot be installed on the roof or the ground. They can be installed on car parks measuring more than 500 m² or with more than 32 parking spaces, for a minimum energy production of kWc.

Eneria’s photovoltaic activity is ISO 14001-certified

Our solar activity has been ISO 14001-certified since 2 November 2021. This certification recognises our commitment to environmental protection and confirms the effectiveness of the measures we have taken to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities.

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Installations of our photovoltaic canopies

Eneria installs photovoltaic canopies on the Dole exhibition centre car park
Eneria installs photovoltaic canopies at its head office in Montlhéry, France