solar thermal power plant

Thermal solar: supplying renewable heat

Eneria can install thermal solar panels in support of the energy transition.

Thermal solar energy consists of transforming the sun’s rays into heat. The heat collected by the thermal solar panels is transported in a hydraulic circuit containing one or more storage tanks, which is used to supply heat (domestic hot water or heating) all day long.

Thermal solar panel installations: for which applications ?

Thermal solar energy can be used in various applications, such as agricultural greenhouses or industry, or to supply a heating, hot water or air conditioning network. Thermal solar panels can also be installed on roofs, on the ground or on car park canopies.

Why install thermal solar panels?

Thermal solar energy can be used to produce solar heat at high temperatures using the rays of the sun. These thermal installations address the issues we are facing today, such as the energy transition, while also making a profitable change to a reliable thermal solar heating system.


Thermal solar energy: the advantages​

The production of heat at high temperatures

The TVP thermal solar system is designed and built to produce heat a temperatures of up to 170°C in continuous operation. To supplement the TVP supply, Eneria has developed a solution to store energy at up to 145°C in pressurised water (5 bar), which can easily replace the heat that is usually supplied in the form of steam by fuel oil or gas-fired boilers. For processes requiring temperatures higher than 145°C, the heat-carrying fluid is replaced by thermal oil.

Producing energy in all weather conditions

Thanks to the installation of your thermal solar panels, your energy production is guaranteed and optimal at all temperatures and in any weather conditions.

Easier energy storage

It is easier to store thermal energy than electricity. The efficiency of the thermal solar panels on offer from Eneria is optimal, irrespective of the light intensity.

Reduced maintenance 

No water-based cleaning is required. Dirt, dust and other forms of soiling have very little effect on the performances of the thermal solar panels.

Good for the planet

Thermal solar panels produce non-polluting energy using the sun’s rays. Consequently, they limit your greenhouse gas emissions.

End-to-end support for your project from Eneria

Project development
We can analyse the technical feasibility of production and the connection of your thermal installation, and study the funding too.
Administrative studies
We complete all the administrative formalities in order to receive all the authorisations (planning permission, connection agreement, etc.) required to install your thermal solar panels.
Design and construction
We can develop and build your thermal solution.
Credit solutions
Thanks to our third-party financing offer, you can invest in a thermal power plant, without impacting your balance sheet and investment capacity.
Connection to the grid and commissioning
We take care of the connection to the grid and perform the operating tests and the acceptance of the solar power plant.
Operation and maintenance
Our technicians monitor the proper operation of the installation and intervene, if necessary. Our teams analyse your project to install solar panels in order to propose a made-to-measure solution that offers optimal efficiency. We guarantee the performance and durability of your thermal solar panels.

TVP Solar is Eneria’s partner for ground-mounted thermal power plant projects ​

Eneria entered its partnership with TVP Solar in order to offer top-quality thermal solar panels. TVP is a Swiss company that designs, develops and manufactures solar panels to produce heat, based on the leading-edge patented High-Vacuum Flat Panel (HVFP) technology.

Thanks to this partnership, Eneria can offer high-performance thermal solar panel solutions. With its expert technicians specialised in servicing and maintenance for renewable energies, Eneria can support you throughout your project, from the design, to the applications for subsidies, installation, commissioning, start-up and long-term maintenance of your thermal solar power plant.