Photovoltaic greenhouses

Transform your agricultural greenhouse into a photovoltaic greenhouse

Greenhouse cultivation and photovoltaic panels are compatible. Take part in the energy transition with installation of photovoltaic greenhouses on your farm.

Thanks to solar panels on your greenhouses, you have a yield for your crops, while producing low-carbon energy.

Eneria supports you in your energy transition by offering turnkey installation of solar solutions for photovoltaic greenhouses.

Install your photovoltaic greenhouse with Eneria

Eneria is your single point of contact for the installation of photovoltaic greenhouses. A dedicated team of specialists will support you with the development, design, installation, start-up and maintenance of your solar greenhouse.

Eneria adapts his offer to your needs and also works with your greenhouse partner to guarantee a better yield thanks to your solar greenhouses.

Find out more about the benefits of solar greenhouses

Additional income

Sell the electricity you produce by injecting green energy into the grid.

Modernisation of your tool of trade

Speed up your move into the world of the future.

Turnkey design

We support you at every stage of your photovoltaic greenhouse project.

Communication CSR

You also demonstrate your commitment to the energy transition.

Overall long-term support

Our technical and maintenance experts support you on a daily basis in the installation of your solar greenhouses.

Eneria’s photovoltaic activity is ISO 14001-certified

Our solar activity has been ISO 14001-certified since 2 November 2021. This certification recognises our commitment to environmental protection and confirms the effectiveness of the measures we have taken to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities.

Solar panels for greenhouses: protect your crops and boost your yield

Photovoltaic, or solar, greenhouses are built by installing photovoltaic panels on the roof, which produce electricity.

Solar greenhouses protect your crops from external attacks and improve your agricultural yield and productivity.

With our photovoltaic greenhouses, you can grow your vegetables, aromatic herbs and flowers in an eco-responsible manner.

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