400 to 2,000 kWe biogas gensets

A range of flexible, high-performance biogas gensets.

Our gas gensets are designed to function with your most abundant sources of gas and feature flexible combustion options adapted to natural gas, biogas, city gas and alternative fuels.

The new engine technologies supply power and heat, or allow for cogeneration for range-topping thermal and electrical efficiency. Several options are available from the factory, including containers, heat recovery modules, control systems and turnkey containerised systems.

A range of flexible, high-performance biogas gensets.

A cogeneration plant is a system that simultaneously produces electricity and heat. The heat that is generated during the production of electricity is recovered for use in industrial or heating applications. This improves overall energy efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. There are several types of cogeneration plants, including gas, biomass and biogas.

Where to install a cogeneration plant ?

A cogeneration plant can be installed for industrial, tertiary or residential buildings.

For industrialists a cogeneration plant can be installed in the fields of construction, mining, agri-food, agrochemicals, engineering, oil and gas or in packaging.

What are the benefits of installing a cogeneration plant ?

The installation of a cogeneration plant allows local generation of electricity and heat. This helps reduce your energy costs.

  • In the cold, a cogeneration plant helps to solve some of the tensions on the electricity grid, with contracts to buy back electricity during the winter period.
  • The cogeneration plant significantly reduces your greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional thermal electric generators that burn oil or coal.
  • Unlike the use of certain renewable sources such as solar or wind that depend on the climate profile, a cogeneration plant adapts to energy production by taking into account the needs of your site.


Biogas genset range

CG132B-08 BG / 400 kWe

CG132B-12 BG / 600 kWe

CG132B-16 BG / 800 kWe

CG170-12 BG (1MW) / 1 000 kWe

CG170-12 BG / 1 200 kWe

CG170-16 BG / 1 560 kWe

CG170-20 BG / 2000 kWe