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EODev and ENERIA take the deployment of hydrogen solutions one step further

Press Release - October 30, 2020

EODev and Eneria have just signed an agreement for the distribution and maintenance of the GEH2 hydrogen power-generators and the REXH2 range extenders developed by EODev. After the industrialization contract for the GEH2 signed early September, this new agreement confirms the excellence of EODev’s project and the performance of the GEH2 which has been in operation on the industrial site of Eneria in Montlhéry for the past six weeks. 

The next phase of a promising partneship

After the signature of an industrial partnership agreement, after the presentation of EODev’s GEH2, the first hydrogen power-generator on the industrial site of Eneria in Montlhéry mid-September, and after the announcement of the Monnoyeur Group becoming an official shareholder of EODev, the two companies are now pleased to confirm the provisions agreed on in the initial contract, i.e. the possibility for Eneria’s teams to distribute EODev’s GEH2s in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, and Algeria. Furthermore, Eneria will also be able to distribute EODev’s range extender REXH2.

In addition to the fact that the GEH2s and REXH2s will now be jointly marketed by EODev and Eneria, and thus available in Eneria’s product catalog in the countries where the company is present, this agreement also includes exclusive maintenance of the GEH2s and REXH2s by Eneria in collaboration with EODev’s engineers, who will also provide training for both Eneria’s teams and end users.

This new milestone in the ecosystem put in place by EODev shows once again the confidence of its shareholders, including the Monnoyeur Group, in the potential of the GEH2s and REXH2s, both economically and technologically. The GEH2 in operation in Montlhéry has moreover more than met the performance and reliability requirements that were the primary conditions for the continuation of the project.

An inexhaustible range of possibilities

As the certification phase has just begun and as the production of “pre-series” generators is about to start, the excitement generated by the initial launch demonstrates that the GEH2 is not the precursor of tomorrow’s emission-free and silent generators, but rather an alternative solution, already available ensuring carbon-free energy autonomy and meeting both environmental challenges and the needs of many business sectors. This fact is also true for the REXH2, which on board The New Era, a hydrogen tender prototype developed jointly by the Hynova Yachts shipyard and EODev, is currently in its final preparation phase in order to get certified.

For Heric Blain, CEO of Eneria: “Would I go so far as to mention a symbiosis between our two companies in view of the trust placed in EODev and the work we have already undertaken together? This is clearly the case and our teams have very quickly agreed on the strategic, commercial, and technical levels. This is the sign of a well-developed partnership, growing stronger every day to industrialize and market these innovative products.”

For Jérémie Lagarrigue, CEO of EODev: “It only took six weeks with Eneria’s teams to confirm the sustainability and potential of the GEH2. No matter how clear the path seemed to be, you never know what obstacles might stand in the way. But in this case, the road has never been long or winding: the efficiency and complementarity of our expertise, the osmosis of the teams, and their mutual understanding allowed us to stay the course without a hitch, even when the Covid-19 got on board.”

Solutions adapted to all uses

With their Plug & Play solution, the GEH2 and REXH2 are easy to use and were designed to meet environmental challenges while remaining highly efficient.

The GEH2 is suitable for all sites seeking or requiring energy autonomy, either as a backup solution, especially for sensitive sites such as hospitals, airports, or data centers – or as a primary energy source on isolated or confined sites like living quarters, islands, refuges, relay antennas, tunnels, or mines. It can also be used to provide additional power on construction sites or during temporary events (concerts, sporting events, trade shows, etc.).

As for the REXH2, it is suitable for any shipowner wishing to consider hybridization to reduce their carbon footprint, and can be combined with the use of renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power – on sailing boats – as an energy storage solution to compensate their intermittency, or as a complement to the use of batteries, or even diesel-electric systems. Finally, it can also be used to propel boats sailing in protected and regulated zero-emission zones.

The management of the GEH2 and REXH2 systems is ensured by an automated Power Management System specifically developed by EODev, calculating the remaining hydrogen autonomy according to the user profile.

Due to the cancellation of many events in which the GEH2 should have been present, it will remain in Montlhéry at least till the end of November. Due to the new travel restrictions, please contact us to organize a site visit and a demonstration of its performance, in compliance with current sanitary constraints.

François Tapin, EODev’s deputy managing director, providing explanations on the technical components and operation of the GEH2 © EODev / Amélie Conty
Directoes, partners and shareholders gather for a family portrait at Eneria’s site in Montlhéry in september 2020 © EODev / Amélie Conty
Demonstration by Hugo Devedeux, EODev engineer, of the remote monitoring and data capture of the GEH2 © EODev / Amélie Conty
Philippe Boucly, President of France Hydrogène, testing the water emitted by the GEH2 © EODev / Amélie Conty
The REXH2 in the foreground, with the GEH2 in the background © EODev / Amélie Conty
The GEH2 ready to be turned on © Energy Observer Productions
Jérémie Lagarrigue, CEO d’EODev, posing with the REXH2 system installed in the The New Era prototype of Hynova Yachts at the back, at the Yacht Club de Monaco © YCM / Mesi
The New Era prototype of Hynova Yachts with its REXH2 and Hexagon hydrogen tanks © Exequiel Cano Lanza
The New Era prototype from Hynova Yachts on the decks of Yacht Club de Monaco, where the REXH2 and its Hexagon hydrogen tanks are visible © Hynova /Birdeyecam
The New Era prototype of Hynova Yachts with its REXH2, its BorgWarner electric engines and Hexagon hydrogen tanks © Exequiel Cano Lanza

About GEH2
With a footprint of barely four cubic meters and a limited weight, the GEH2 equipped with the latest generation of Toyota fuel cell (PAC) is today, the most compact and most efficient hydrogen power generator on the market in terms of power delivered. The development carried out by EODev’s teams allows to reach powers up to 1MVA when the generators are stacked. This modularity makes the GEH2 the ideal vector for customized hydrogen solutions for autonomous energy supply.

About REXH2
With a footprint of barely one cubic meter and a weight of 300kg (excl. frame), the REXH2 equipped with the latest generation of Toyota fuel cell (PAC) is today the hydrogen-powered range extender offering the best performance in terms of power delivered. The development carried out by EODev’s teams allows to reach powers up to 800kW by combining up to ten REXH2s.

About EODev 
EODev is a subsidiary of the Energy Observer group, an organization bringing together both expeditions and innovations, and developing solutions proving that another future, more respectful of mankind and nature, is possible. The company’s ambition is to accelerate the energy transition by offering sustainable, reliable, and accessible industrial solutions. The products and solutions developed by EODev are based on the smart and optimized use of energy mixes combining different renewable energy sources and hydrogen as a storage means. EODev’s products address the entire energy chain: medium-power hydrogen power generators (GEH2®); on-board hydrogen energy systems (REXH2®) for maritime and river use (propulsion and hotel load), and mobile floating hydrogen refueling stations (STSH2) for the production and distribution of green hydrogen. The recent fundraising carried out by EODev not only allowed the company to launch the industrialization and marketing of these products, but also demonstrates the commitment of a group of entrepreneurs wishing to support the energy transition with practical and efficient solutions.
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About Eneria
Eneria, a subsidiary of the Monnoyeur Group, is a specialist in power generation and motorization solutions. Exclusive Caterpillar dealer in France and abroad, Eneria has developed a recognized expertise and know-how around the offer of turnkey energy solutions. Eneria designs the installations, implements them, and ensures their maintenance. Eneria can integrate a wide range of products such as diesel and gas generators, inverters, engines for marine, industrial, and oil applications, photovoltaic panels, thermal solar panels, biomass boilers, hybrid systems with storage. Eneria has the best expertise in all these fields, in terms of energy optimization and environmental protection, and provides both daily and long-term support to its customers, through performance contracts. Present on 9 sites in France and in 5 other countries, Eneria employs nearly 900 people (including 540 in France), with an annual turnover of €280 million.
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